Metalum Limited

Local Production

Insulated glass, aluminium nuts, hook-bolts, washers and bar hinges
(for projected windows) are produced locally in our factory.
Metalum maintains a strategic stock of billets, glass profiles and accessories to ensure that all our projects are executed on time.
In terms of our capacity to satisfy and add value to large and complex projects, the company has a high capacity modern production plant that can produce and meet the most stringent quality test. Our production output for building components is 18,000 square meters per year. Our production output for roofing and cladding is 160,000 square meters per year.

Quality Control

Before any item is released for dispatch, it is screened by the quality controllers, who ensure no substandard product leaves the factory. Any defect noticed is rectified or totally replaced.

Maintenance Culture

From our dedicated maintenance department, we offer maintenance
and clearing services for all our products.


For over 36 years, Metalum Limited has maintained a technical partnership with Schuco International Germany: a global leader in the aluminium industry, one of the top twenty-five companies in Germany and a European Standard’s Award Winner.