Metalum Limited

What We Do

Delivering bespoke end-to-end engineering construction and timely delivery while maintaining top standard.

Production Capacity

Our strategic location within the heart of the commercial hub of Lagos state provides easy access to all our customers.
Metalum Limited is situated on a 40,000 sqm
parcel of land, with a 16,000 sqm fully integrated factory at 5, Block D, Wempco Road, Ogba Industrial Layout, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria; where all fabrication, glazing and other works are

We are well equipped  to satisfy and add value to large and complex projects, the company has a high capacity modern production plant that can produce and meet the most stringent quality test. Our production output for building components is 18,000 square meters per year. Our production output for roofing and cladding is 160,000 square meters per year.

Quality Roofing Components Corporate Branding Sevices.

Aluminium Components

Metalum Limited specialises in the manufacture/production and installation of aluminium building components which include sliding doors and windows, casement and projected windows, automatic sliding doors, automatic revolving doors, curtain walls, structural glazing and bolted glass, sun breakers and louvres, railing and stairs balustrade, signboards, office partitioning, shop fronts and aluminium composite cladding.

Roofing Components

Roofing sheets, insulated roofing sheets, cladding, capping, flashing, gutters and drains from high quality corrosion resistance aluminium materials.

Local Production

Insulated glass, aluminium nuts, hook-bolts, washers and bar hinges (for projected windows) are produced locally in our factory.
Metalum maintains a strategic stock of billets, glass profiles and accessories to ensure that all our projects are executed on time.