Metalum Limited

Aluminum & Glass Project Consulting.

Matching Bespoke Aluminum Products and Engineering Know-How for quality project delivery

Quality & Long Lasting Products

Our primary aim is ensuring that our products maintain the building and pleasing aethetics that have made us the Marquee of architectural perfection in Nigeria  for over 35 years

Metalum Limited specialises in the manufacture/production and
installation of aluminium building components which include sliding doors and windows
Roofing sheets, insulated roofing sheets, cladding, capping, flashing, gutters and drains from high quality corrosion resistance aluminum materials.
Insulated glass, aluminium nuts, hook-bolts, washers and bar hinges (for projected windows) are produced locally in our factory.


The Citadel Global Community Church, Oregun

Pactum Towers Ahmadu Bello VI

Mike Adenuga Centre Ikoyi