Our Team

Olugbo Braithwaite

Mr. Olugbo Braithwaite
[ Executive Director – Projects]
The man in charge of project managing. A Nigerian. He is an expert in AutoCAD, 3 Dimensional Drawing (3D). He worked for 6 years in Metalum before he traveled back for development in the UK working with Schueco. He came back with experience and improvement to man our various projects.


Erich Deissel
Erich Deissel

Mr. Erich Deissel

[General Manager]

Erich Deissel is the General Manager in Metalum Limited.

Electrical Engineer DIP (Swiss)

He has been with Metalum for almost two decades and has shared his wealth of experience in all aspects of Aluminium Technology.

He coordinates Budgeting, production, marketing and technical service policies.

He possesses strong business skills and leadership with deep understanding of the dynamics of emerging aluminium architecture.

He has attended numerous international seminars, conferences and trade fairs on aluminium technology and also liaises on behalf of the company with its overseas technical partners.

Dapo Oguntade
Dapo Oladipo-Joseph

Mr. Oladapo Oladipo-Joseph

[Executive Director – Technical]
A Nigerian, graduate of Architecture. He has been with the company for almost 15 years. He has had several training in aluminium technology both in Nigeria and Germany.

Richard Keller


Mr. Richard Keller
[Operations Manager]

A State Certified Metal Engineer from Germany. Has over 19 years experience of Schueco Facades, Windows and Doors. Joined Metalum Limited February 2010 as the Operations Manager.

Peter Albert

Mr. Peter Albert
[ Production Manager]
Peter Albert is a graduate of Chemical Engineering from the University of Leipzig. He has over 32 years experience in Aluminium Industry. He has 20 years of extensive experience in the production and installation of Schueco windows, doors and facades.


Butyo Mironov
Botyo Mironov

Mr. Butyo Mironov

[Installation Manager]
A Bulgarian. He is our Erection Manager. He has worked in Nigeria for more than 12 years.




[ED of Procurement]

“Graduating from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Olasupo is one of the newer members of Metalum, where his experience of assessing and applying best practices in the acquisition process, is utilized through his position as ED of procurement”.